Terms & Conditions

This present document describes the specific terms and conditions for participating in the training "The Intricacies of Yoga Asanas" with Professor Mark Stephens, on October 20-23, in São João.


- To formalize the registration, it is necessary to fill the registration form;

- Registration is only effective after receiving a confirmation email by the event´s organization.

- Registration on the option "Complete Event" in early bird, requires the payment of 50% of the amount, within 72 hours, after receiving the confirmation email. This amount is non-refundable! The remaining 50% of the training fee must be paid by the 20th of September;

- For enrollment in the options "One day"; "Master Classe" or "Complete Event" after September 20th, it is necessary to pay the full amount of the chosen option, up to 72 hours after receiving the confirmation email.

- The organization reserves the right to suspend or cancel the registration in case of non-payment by the customer;

Payment Options

Bank transfer 

IBANPT50 0035 0306 00035780200 83


Banco: Caixa Geral de Depósitos; Destinatário: Rita Dias


Cell Phone : +351 963320638



Important: For a quick confirmation, please send proof of payment with the name of the participant to the email: prana@pranayogapilates.pt  

Privacy Policy: 

Personal data 

- The organization of the event respects the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation in accordance with EU - European Union regulations as well as the national legislation of the data protection law of the Portuguese Republic. 

- The personal data provided at the time of registration will only be used for the following purposes:

  • Sending information regarding training
  •  Certificates 

Access to Personal Data 

The organization of the event guarantees the total confidentiality of the personal data provided and reserves the right to access, rectify, cancel and erase them in accordance with the terms established in the legislation.


The organization of the event does not commercialize, does not disclose and does not transfer the data contained in its records;